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The World’s most common metric shaft seal.

Seal faces encapsulated & protected by rubber bellows.

Large rubber cross sections & “Surface Grab” minimize tears & enhances seal life.

Rugged simplicity – very cost effective Metric alternative.

Rugged simplicity – tapered spring “Grabs” shaft & drives seal.

Rugged simplicity – tapered spring “Grabs” shaft & drives seal.

Metal shrouded & protected seal faces – spring tabbed into rotary head.

Very cost effective Metric alternative – common European OEM pump seal.

Balanced face design for high pressure applications.

Continuous Wave Spring (ES790) or Multiple Spring (ES740).

Multiple Spring Design (ES750) or Wave Spring Design (ES799).

Unbalanced tapered seal w/ rugged machined heads.

Tapered spring transmits shaft torque to seal w/ reliable O-ring pusher secondary seal design.

Common design for small European mass-produced pumps.

Equivalent to European DIN Standard Type 21’s.

Common European version of Type 8 Seal – Multiple springs assure accurate face loading.

Variety of metals and PTFE wedge allow for use with a broad application base.

Compact unitized design – rubber bellows drives seal.