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IsoLink Oil Transfer Containers

Des-Case / Storage & Transfer Containers


  • Isolates & Protects Oil to Meet Best Practice Standards w/ Breathers & ISO B Quick Connections
  • Variable Flow Control w/ Trigger Mechanism
  • Square Containers Store 27% More Volume Per Square Foot Than Round Containers
  • Prevents Cross Contamination & Provides Easy Lubricant Identification
  • Minimizes Inventory Management w/ Modular & Interchangeable Spouts, Collar Rings, & Pump Caps as the Only Color-Coded Components

IsoLink™ Oil Transfer Containers provide the first best practice solution to keep oil clean and dry during oil transfer. With non-desiccant and desiccant breather options available, as well as quick connects for clean filling, IsoLink™ isolates oil from the environment providing the ultimate in best practice contamination control.