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FD-15 Vacuum Dehydration System

Y2K Fluid Power / Vacuum Dehydration Filtration


  • Pall Dispersion Ring Chamber w/ 22″ – 27″ Hg Vacuum
  • Continuous Flow Through Heater Prevents Oil Coking
  • Adjustable Fluid Temperature Heater (up to 180° F)
  • Buna N, Viton, EPDM, or EPR Seal Materials
  • 250 V, 10 AMP Dry-Contact Rating Console Remote Alarm
  • Various Wheel Configurations Available
  • One Button Start / Stop
  • Unattended Operation Feature
  • Automated PLC-Based Controls Safely Monitor System
  • Automatic Shut-Down if Operating Parameters Move Outside Normal Limits
  • Touchscreen Displays all Conditions
  • Troubleshooting & Help Screens

The HT-D Series cart is an excellent choice for “off-line” filtration in a wide variety of settings. Extremely mobile and light weight, this filter cart has all the power needed for filtering oil viscosities up to 600cSt (ISO VG 680) at 100° F within ambient temperature ranges of -15° F to 150° F. Featuring a carbon steel frame, industrial grade components, and a variety of options, this cart is designed to keep you and your operation up and running. Choose either the standard cart or customize it for your facility.


  • Oil is Brought Into Chamber & Passed Over Heater & Heated
  • Then Dispersed Over the Pall Rings, Located Inside the Tower, & Exposed to Vacuum, Usually Between 22″ – 27” Hg
  • After Oil is Degassed & Dehydrated it is Pumped Out the Bottom of Tower Via Hydraulic Pump Into Filter to Remove Any Contaminants
  • To Optimize the Process the Vacuum Dehydration Unit is Partially Automated w/ a PLC & Series of Electrically Controlled Switches
  • Data, Diagnostics, Alerts & Help Screens Are Accessed on Control Panel Touch Screen Display
  • Removal Rate of Water Will Vary Depending on Fluid & Application Parameters