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FD-5 Vacuum Dehydration System

Y2K Fluid Power / Vacuum Dehydration Filtration


  • Pall Dispersion Ring Chamber w/ 22″ – 27″ Hg Vacuum
  • Continuous Flow Through Heater Prevents Oil Coking
  • Adjustable Fluid Temperature Heater (up to 180° F)
  • Buna N, Viton, EPDM, or EPR Seal Materials
  • 250 V, 10 AMP Dry-Contact Rating Console Remote Alarm
  • Various Wheel Configurations Available
  • One Button Start / Stop
  • Unattended Operation Feature
  • Automated PLC-Based Controls Safely Monitor System
  • Automatic Shut-Down if Operating Parameters Move Outside Normal Limits
  • Touchscreen Displays all Conditions
  • Troubleshooting & Help Screens

The purpose of the FD-5 Vacuum Dehydration System is to serve as an oil treatment system. By removing water (dissolved, emulsified and free), gasses and solid contaminants the oil can return to its original condition, and be reused in lubricating systems. Having clean, dry oil will allow hydraulic and lubricating systems to perform more efficiently and can result in significant financial gains. The need to purchase new lubricating oils can be reduced and in some cases eliminated completely.


  • Oil is Brought Into Chamber & Passed Over Heater & Heated
  • Then Dispersed Over the Pall Rings, Located Inside the Tower, & Exposed to Vacuum, Usually Between 22″ – 27” Hg
  • After Oil is Degassed & Dehydrated it is Pumped Out the Bottom of Tower Via Hydraulic Pump Into Filter to Remove Any Contaminants
  • To Optimize the Process the Vacuum Dehydration Unit is Partially Automated w/ a PLC & Series of Electrically Controlled Switches
  • Data, Diagnostics, Alerts & Help Screens Are Accessed on Control Panel Touch Screen Display
  • Removal Rate of Water Will Vary Depending on Fluid & Application Parameters