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TH-D Tandem Filter Cart

Y2K Fluid Power / Portable Filtration System


  • Carbon Steel Frame w/ Drip Pan
  • Dual, Independent, Primary Filter Element
  • Dual, Independent, Secondary Filter Element
  • Heavy-Duty 1 HP Motor
  • Heavy-Duty, Cast-Steel Gear Pump
  • Slide Bar Filter Indicator
  • Sealed On / Off Power Switch
  • 7 ft Clear PVC Hoses
  • Various Quick Disconnect w/ Steel Dust Plugs
  • 40 ft Retractable Cord Reel

When you need multiple filter carts but, don’t have the budget or the space, look no further than the TH-D Tandem Cart. This cart is two filter carts in one which allows you to filter two different oil types using a single cart ­- saving time and money. Extremely mobile, this filter cart has all the power needed for filtering oil viscosities up to 600 cSt (ISO VG 680) at 100F within ambient temperature ranges of -15° F to 150° F. All Y2K products are 100% customizable upon request.


  • Filtering Industrial Oils w/ Maximum Operating Viscosity Range of ISO 680 at 100° F / 38° C (3,000 ssu / 648 cSt) w/ Ambient Temperature Ranges of -15° F to 150° F (-26° C to 66° C)
  • Filtering Contaminated Systems
  • Flushing New / Repaired Systems
  • Pre-Filtering New Oil
  • Transferring Oil
  • Topping Off Reservoirs
  • Collecting Oil Samples For Analysis
  • Dispensing New Oil