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HT-D Filter Cart

Y2K Fluid Power / Portable Filtration System


  • Carbon Steel Frame w/ Drip Pan
  • Primary Water Removal Element
  • 4 Micron Secondary Element
  • Heavy-Duty 1 HP Motor
  • Heavy-Duty, Cast-Steel Gear Pump
  • Slide Bar Filter Indicator
  • Sample Port
  • Sealed On / Off Power Switch
  • 7 ft Clear PVC Hoses
  • Various Quick Disconnect Options w/ Steel Dust Plugs
  • 40 ft Retractable Cord Reel

The HT-D Series cart is an excellent choice for “off-line” filtration in a wide variety of settings. Extremely mobile and light weight, this filter cart has all the power needed for filtering oil viscosities up to 600cSt (ISO VG 680) at 100° F within ambient temperature ranges of -15° F to 150° F. Featuring a carbon steel frame, industrial grade components, and a variety of options, this cart is designed to keep you and your operation up and running. Choose either the standard cart or customize it for your facility.


  • Filtering Industrial Oils w/ Maximum Operating Viscosity Range of ISO 680 at 100° F / 38° C (3,000 ssu / 648 cSt) w/ Ambient Temperature Ranges of -15° F to 150° F (-26° C to 66° C)
  • Filtering Contaminated Systems
  • Flushing New / Repaired Systems
  • Pre-Filtering New Oil
  • Transferring Oil
  • Topping Off Reservoirs
  • Collecting Oil Samples For Analysis
  • Dispensing New Oil