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perma ECOSY

Multi-Point / ElectroMechanical Oil Lubrication System


  • Compact Construction
  • Innovative Distributor Function
  • Pre-Configured Interfaces
  • User-Friendly 4 Button Display Menu Operation
  • Low Temperature Display Indicators & Shut-Off Function
  • Oil Reserve Levels Shown on Display & Oil Reserve Signal Output
  • Sturdy Metal Drive
  • Up to 6 Individually Adjustable Outlets
  • Multiple Working Modes/ Operations : Sensor, Time, or Impulse Mode

perma ECOSY is a compact multi-point oil lubrication system that features clear construction and multiple functionality. It can supply up to 6 lubrication points with oil. Each outlet’s discharge amount can be set individually and separately from the other outlets. Data about machine operating conditions is collected and transmitted to the lubrication system by a sensor or by the PLC. This insures lubrication as needed. perma ECOSY is basically maintenance-free; it only requires refills of the oil tank.



  • Sturdy PE-Housing,