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perma PRO MP - 6

PLC Controlled Multi-Point / ElectroMechanical Automatic Lubrication System


  • PLC Controlled Multi-Point Lubrication System for Lubrication of up to 6 Points (12 Points w/ Optional DKU Block)
  • Suited to Greases up to NLGI 2
  • High Operating Pressure Allows for Long Remote Lines
  • If One or More Grease Points Becomes Blocked the Lubricator Will Continue to Pump to The Remains Points & Identify the Plugged / Blocked Points
  • Lubricant in Cartridge is Not Held Under Pressure, Minimizing Oil Bleed
  • Stand-Alone Battery Power Simplifies Installation as No Electrical or Air Power Supply is Required
  • Easy to Navigate 2 Button Menu Display
  • Negligible Pressure Drop Across MP-6 Distribution System
  • Clearly Visible Grease Piston Position & LED Indicator Lamps
  • Dispensing Rate Not Affected by Ambient Temperature

perma PRO MP-6 is a multi-point lubrication system that can supply 2 – 6 lubrication points. The discharge period can be set from 1 day up to 24 months with a lubricant volume of 500cc. No pressure is lost due to the rotary distribution system of the MP-6. perma PRO can also be used as a single point lubrication system without the MP-6 distributor. The perma PRO also has the option of DKU blocks, these allow a single PRO to lubricate up to 12 separate points.



  • Use of Longer Grease Lines is Possible
  • Operates in Extreme Conditions
  • Battery Powered Stand-Alone System Operation
  • Variable Selection of 2 to 6 Outlets
  • Exact Dosing of Lubricant Amount for Setting Up to 24 Months
  • No External Power Source Required
  • Visible Piston & LED Display Allows for Quick Visual Checks & Exact Operation Information Readings
  • Easy Exchange of LC-Units
  • Lubricant Directly Distributed w/o Any Pressure Loss
  • Flexible Plastic Tubes Up to 15 ft Can Be Used (Metal Tubing Is Not Required or Necessary)