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Single-Point / ElectroMechanical Automatic Lubricator


  • PLC / Machine Controlled Lubricator
  • LCD Display w/ Push Button Shows Discharge Period, LC Size, & Operating Status
  • Re-Usable ElectroMechanical Drive w/ External Power Supply is Environmentally Friendly
  • ElectroMechanical Drive Requires External Power Supply
  • All Around Visible LED Lights (Red / Green) Signal Function & Possible Errors
  • Pressure Up to 6 BAR Allows Remote Mounting
  • Counter Pressure Check & Manual Discharge (Purge Function)
  • Simple Programming of Time or Impulse Mode Adds System Flexibility
  • Fully Automatic, Temperature Independent, & Precise
  • IP 65 Protection Class

perma STAR CONTROL is machine / PLC controlled and can easily be integrated into machines with extrnal power supply. The operating status can be transmitted to the PLC. The lubrication system offers two operating modes – TIME and IMPULSE – for more flexibility. In TIME mode, discharges are only carried out when the machine is in operation.  In IMPULSE mode, the system discharges a predefined lubricant amount every time external power is applied. The desired mode can be selected via the display. perma STAR CONTROL consists of an electromechanical drive unit with LCD display and an LC unit (available in three different sizes 60cc, 120cc, 250cc). The system discharges exact amounts independent of temperature and up to 6 bar counter pressure.



  • Improved Safety & Lower Costs Than Manual Lubrication
  • Controlled & Consistent Lubrication
  • External Power Supply, No Battery Pack Required
  • LED Light Signals Indicate Operating Conditions
  • Re-Useable Drive Unit Reduces Waste & Lowers Costs Over Life of Product
  • Programmable PIN Prevents Accidental Manipulation
  • Sends Current Operating Conditions to Available PLC