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perma FLEX

Single-Point / ElectroChemical Automatic Lubricator


  • The All-In-One Lubrication System in 2 Compact Sizes
  • Adjustable Discharge Period From 1 to 12 Months
  • Can Be Adjusted & Switched Off Even After Activation
  • Comes Fully Assembled & Can Be Activated Quickly & Easily w/o Tools
  • Use in Hot & Cold Areas & Areas Where Temperatures Fluctuate
  • IP 68 Certified & Offers Excellent Protection Against Dirt & Water Contamination
  • Customize Lubrication / Can be Filled w/ Oil & Grease

A wide temperature range of -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) makes perma FLEX suitable for many different applications in all types of industries.  Activation has never been easier.  Just turn the switch to the required discharge period (1-12 months) and perma FLEX is ready to go.  The gas generating unit produces the required pressure to continuously supply the lubrication points with fresh lubricant for the selected discharge period.  perma FLEX can be ordered in two convenient sizes – 60cc and 125cc.



  • Less Maintenance Costs Due to Longer Equipment Service Life
  • No Difficult, Time Consuming Assembly, System is Packaged Complete & Ready for Installation
  • Only One System Needed to Suit a Variety of Applications
  • Can Be Used in Extremely Wet & Dusty Environments
  • System Filled w/ the Lubricant You Specify to Meet All Requirements of Your Individual Application
  • Improved Safety & Lower Costs Than Manual Lubrication
  • Customizable & Controlled Lubrication