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Single-Point / ElectroChemical Automatic Lubricator


  • Single Point Lubrication
  • Metal Housing
  • Flexible Plastic Mount Point
  • Plastic Discharge Indicator Cap
  • Electrochemical Drive
  • Fully Automatic, Reliable, No Maintenance
  • Works in Any Position, Even Underwater
  • Pressure Max 4 BAR / 58 PSI
  • Environmentally Friendly Citric Acid Electrolyte Liquid
  • 120cc (4.06 oz) Lubricant Volume

The prerequisite for trouble-free operation is the uninterrupted supply of sufficient, fresh lubricant to all lubrication points.  perma CLASSIC lubrication systems offer predictable and consistent lubrication.  The reliable operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction. The perma CLASSIC can be used in any type of industry and millions of them are being used worldwide.



  • Improved Safety & Lower Costs Than Manual Lubrication
  • Controlled & Consistent Lubrication
  • No External Power Supply Necessary
  • Four Different Discharge Periods (120cc in 1, 3, 6, or 12 Months)
  • High Level Lubricant Quality Kept in Lubrication Port
  • Transparent Discharge Indicator Cap Shows When Empty
  • Mounted up to 3 Feet Away From Lubrication Point
  • Simple Installation, Removal, & Exchange