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BPD - FM / Paper Machine Bearing Protection Device (Flange Mount)

Orion Engineered Seals

COMMON PAPER MACHINE PROBLEM : Paper machines operate in hot, humid environments resulting in reduced bearing life, costly downtime and lost production. Paper machine bearings most often fail due to contamination ingress into the bearing housing.

SOLUTIONOrion “BPD-FM” Bearing Protection Device Flange Mount


  • Two Vertical Internal Chambers
  • Internal Static Elastomers
  • Double Contamination Exclusion Chambers
  • Angled Oil Return
  • Angled Interface


  • Redundant Dynamic & Static Contamination Ingress Protection
  • No Speed Limitations
  • Designed for Ease of Installation & Removal
  • Replacing the Coating on a Roll Won’t Necessitate the Purchase of a New BPD-FM, Simply Unbolt Seal, Replace O-Rings, & Reinstall
  • Operates Effectively to 650° F in Heavy Steam Environments
  • 303 SS Rotor, 660 Bronze Stator, & Viton Elastomers Are Standard Materials
  • Split & Solid Seal Designs Perform Identically
  • Retain Lubrication Regardless of Lubrication Method
  • Will Not Allow Automatic Oilers to Overfill Bearing Housing