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BPD - OM / Oil Mist Bearing Protection Device

Orion Engineered Seals

COMMON OIL MIST PROBLEM : Oil mist lubrication is used widely in the API industry but it has one major drawback, stray mist escaping through the shaft ends. This leads to environmental and safety concerns.

SOLUTIONOrion “BPD-OM” Bearing Protection Device


  • Two Vertical Internal Chambers
  • Internal Static Elastomers
  • Double Contamination Exclusion Chambers
  • Angled Oil Return
  • Angled Interface


  • Stray Mist Containment Both Statically & Dynamically Allowing Full Benefit of Oil Mist Lubrication While Offering Optimum Performance Over the Entire Life of Equipment
  • Redundant Dynamic & Static Contamination Ingress Protection Independent of Speed
  • No Speed Limitations – Can Be Slow Rolled Indefinitely w/o Damaging Seal
  • Operates Effectively to 650° F in Heavy Steam Environments
  • Split & Solid Seal Designs Perform Identically
  • Retain Lubrication Regardless of Lubrication Method
  • Will Not Allow Automatic Oilers to Overfill Bearing Housing