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BPD - T / Turbine Bearing Protection Device

Orion Engineered Seals

COMMON TURBINE PROBLEM : Steam and condensate ingress into process steam turbine bearing housings due to the heavy concentration of steam in the local environment.

SOLUTION : Orion “BPD-T” Bearing Protection Device


  • Two Vertical Internal Chambers
  • Internal Static Elastomers
  • Double Contamination Exclusion Chambers
  • Angled Oil Return
  • Angled Interface


  • Specifically Designed for Process Steam Turbines
  • Designed for Ease of Installation
  • Redundant Dynamic & Static Contamination Ingress Protection Independent of Speed
  • Designed to be Slow Rolled Indefinitely While Excluding Any Contamination Ingress Into Bearing Housing
  • No Speed Limitations – Can Be Slow Rolled Indefinitely w/o Damaging Seal
  • Operates Effectively to 650° F in Heavy Steam Environments
  • Split & Solid Seal Designs Perform Identically
  • Retain Lubrication Regardless of Lubrication Method
  • Will Not Allow Automatic Oilers to Overfill Bearing Housing