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BPD - C / Gearbox Bearing Protection Device

Orion Engineered Seals

COMMON GEARBOX PROBLEM : Traditional sealing methods for the flooded shafts are inadequate resulting in oil leaking out of the gearbox creating an environmental and safety hazard.

SOLUTION : Orion “BPD-C” Bearing Protection Device


  • Two Vertical Internal Chambers
  • Internal Lip Seal Rides on Rotary Seal Component, Not Shaft Preventing Equipment Wear
  • Internal Static Elastomers
  • Double Contamination Exclusion Chambers
  • Angled Oil Return
  • Angled Interface


  • Designed Specifically for Flooded Gearbox Shafts
  • Contains Oil in Both Vertical Down & Horizontal Flooded Applications
  • Does Not Damage Shaft
  • Provides Operating Environment in Which the Contacting Component of the Seal Works Effectively for Years
  • Redundant Dynamic & Static Contamination Ingress Protection Independent of Speed
  • No Speed Limitations – Can Be Slow Rolled Indefinitely w/o Damaging Seal
  • Operates Effectively to 650° F in Heavy Steam Environments
  • Split & Solid Seal Designs Perform Identically