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BPD - GB / Motor Bearing Protection Device (Grounding Brush)

Orion Engineered Seals

COMMON MOTOR PROBLEMIncreased use of variable frequency drives (VFDs) offers substantial equipment efficiency improvements. However, the key drawback is that the stray, VFD-generated, currents result in premature motor bearing failures.

SOLUTIONOrion “BPD-GB” Bearing Protection Device w/ Incorporated Grounding Brush


  • Most Complete Stray Current Elimination Available Today
  • Preassembled & Engineered to Fit Any Shaft Size / Application
  • Works on All Shafts & Finishes
  • Effectively Handles Wide Current Range
  • Grounding Brush Fully Enclosed & Protected From Environment & Elements
  • Independent Grounding Brush Available for Applications Only Requiring Grounding


  • Utilizes Established Grounding Brush Technology
  • Most Effective Current Diversion Technology Available Today
  • Performance is Consistent Throughout Life of Seal.
  • 5-Year Continuous Duty Minimal Operating Life Rating
  • Standalone Grounding Brush Available for Applications Where There is Minimal Airborne Contamination Such as HVAC Applications
  • No Special Shaft Coatings Required as is Required w/ Fiber Brush Technology
  • Works on All Shafts & Surfaces
  • Redundant Dynamic & Static Contamination Ingress Protection Independent of Speed
  • Split & Solid Seal Designs Perform Identically