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Dual Cartridge Seal / Sleeveless


  • True Cartridge Design Installed in Minutes w/o Equipment Modification
  • Self Aligning Stationary Design Handles Stuffing Box Misalignment
  • Stationary Springs Isolated From Product
  • Large Monolithic Faces – 2 Identical Stationary Faces Seal Against Common Rotary Face
  • Seal Faces Are Not Press Fitted Inserts & Provide Superior Performance Under Extreme Conditions w/o Distortion
  • Double Balanced Design Handles Pressure Reversals
  • Standard Pumping Ring Optimizes Barrier/Buffer Fluid Flow
  • Bi-Metal Gland Reduces Cost in Exotic Metallurgical Applications
  • Temperatures from 0° F to 400° F Depending on Application & Materials
  • Pressure to 300 PSI Depending on Size & Speed
  • Shaft Speed to 6,000 FPM Depending on Size