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PPC Power Pumper

Dual Cartridge Seal


  • Easy Installation Cartridge Design
  • Double or Tandem Seal – Special Double Balance on Inboard Seal Allows Power Pumper to Handle Pressure Reversals
  • Hydraulically Balanced Inboard & Outboard Seals Naturally Run Cooler Reducing Wear
  • Balanced Seal Faces & Pumping Ring Result in Maximum Barrier Fluid Flow
  • Self-Aligning Stationary Faces Compensate for Pump Misalignment
  • Fits Virtually Any Pump w/o Pump Modification
  • Temperatures -20° F to 400° F Depending on Size & Speed
  • Pressures to 300 PSI Depending on Size & Speed
  • Speeds to 3,500 RPM
  • Pumping Ring Able to Circulate up to 140 GPH Depending on Size & Speed